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Kelly Burdge (pictured above) in the new music video and this is what he has to say, "I started training with Geoff at Title Boxing in 2012. I immediately knew he had the knowledge, skill, and experience to help me achieve my fitness goals.  I reached out to him beyond Title for personal sessions to help me get ready for an upcoming photo and video shoot for my band.  Within a couple of short weeks he had me looking and felling better than I had in years.  Being an athletic guy my entire life, I've seen them all and without question Geoff Campbell is a contender not a pretender."

Matt Angerfist Anderson (pictured on home page) after winning professional fight on May 14th, 2013,  "I love coming in under the radar.  A lot of people counted me out for this fight only because they were unaware of how well I'm being trained for explosiveness, speed, strength and stamina.  The confidence I get from all my work with Geoff is the foundation of my success.  Knowing I have the power to fly 4 feet across the cage and land a knee to the head is very comforting to me and I know it's exciting to see"

"Geoff is a real difference maker when it comes to strength and conditioning.  Any athlete looking to take it to the next level would benefit from time with him.  He was crucial to me getting my strength and cardio to where it needed to be in order to perform at the level I did." -Matt Lanning (Undefeated as both an amateur and professional in MMA)

"I lost over 30 pounds participating in MMA Fitness.  The program is hard work but has amazing and fast results" -Dorrion J. (Geoff's MMA Fitness program)

"My mother and I have been training in the MMA Fitness program for a year now and we absolutely love it! It's great going together and knowing we will get pushed at our own level with individual training and coaching while in a group.  Mom has slight arthritis in her knee and Geoff adapts the stations to her needs.  She really enjoys getting the one on one attention she needs and wouldn't get from a bigger gym.  We have so much more energy now. I feel more toned and physically fit and it's also a great stress reliever.  Every week we look forward to our time together!" - Ashley N. (Geoff's MMA Fitness program)

"I train with Geoff and he is knowledgeable and efficient with workouts with different people to give them what they need.  He is a rocket scientist of training." - Lucas Downs (2013 Golden Gloves Regional Heavyweight Champion)

Raven Morgan (pictured above) finished 3rd place at Golden Gloves Nationals writes, "Geoff has stood by me though years of training for Jiu Jitsu and boxing matches. There is no substitute for his strength and conditioning workouts. He provides me the confidence to push though hard rounds with bigger girls. Thank you Geoff for your patience and detailed work! It helps me win and there is nothing better than getting my hand raised after a competition...I recommend Geoff to anyone ready to make real physical or mental changes." 

"Training with Geoff is awesome. He is so knowledgeable about everything I want to know about the exercises, how they affect my body, and also has the answer when it comes to using workouts that will help achieve maximum results in what your goals are. As a professional boxer, I couldn't be more excited to add what Geoff brings to the workout. He is a great, one of a kind trainer." -Dan Crabtree (Professional Boxer)

"Geoff is one of the best trainers that I have had the privilege to work with! He is so knowledgeable, and always makes sure that you have proper form to avoid injury. Being that I am a former College Basketball player, I especially enjoy his athletic style of training.  Geoff always brings energy to the workouts and has a passion for fitness and helping people achieve their goals. I also hired Geoff to train both my sons in their off season. One is a runner and the other is a basketball player. Geoff has great sport-specific knowledge and knew what needed to work on to get stronger, quicker, and better in their individual sports. Thank you Geoff" Personal Training client Natalie L..

"Training with Geoff for my fights has taken my cardio to the next level." Unkle De (pictured above right)

"In preparation for my last fight Geoff put me through two separate workout schedules … The biggest improvement I felt was during my fight when rounds two and three started chipping away at my opponents conditioning and I felt fresh. Needless to say I came away with the victory and I know that the success I had has a lot to do with the training Geoff put me through. I would recommend Geoff to anybody, whether they are a serious athlete, a fitness enthusiast or just someone trying to get in shape. Geoff's confident and encouraging coaching style makes him a great personal training for anyone at any level of fitness.” –Jamie Klein (pictured above left)

“Geoff's work outs are by far some of the best programs I have ever participated in.  He keeps your muscles guessing and his positive attitude motivates you to work out as hard as you can and never quit.  So whether you're training for a fight or just want to get back into shape Geoff will get you on the right track." Nick Rizos

"Training with Geoff pushed me farther than I thought I could go and all with his encouragement and constant enthusiasm. He makes it fun despite being a lot of hard work. His attention to you is so focused you know that you are always doing the exercise correctly and for the most impact on the muscle. I was even able to improve my running style and speed. My body looks the best it ever has and that is despite having 4 kids!” -Melody N.

“Being a participant in Geoff's group fitness classes in the past helped spark a MAJOR interest in FITNESS! I am now a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor myself. Geoff has a way of drawing out your "inner beast" without you even realizing it! His knowledge of how and why the body does what it does is amazing! One of the best Instructors I have had the pleasure to know!” –Lolly Sweeney

“Geoff's workouts constantly challenged me while preparing me to meet my personal goals. His positive and encouraging attitude makes my workouts enjoyable and functional. Working out with Geoff makes is a great way to meet goals and enjoy fitness!” –Kathy Fox

“Geoff really engages in functional workouts that are going to increase your performance on and off the field.” -Jake Smith

Don NightNight Germany (picture above) "I have been an athlete for over 20 years, playing football on the D1 collegiate and professional level and have never seen results as impressive as I have working with Geoff. Geoff is the first trainer to bring the science of exercise to engineer a new you, making trouble zones fortified cornerstones.  Whether you want to get bigger, faster, stronger, or tone up, Geoff will customize a routine to have you ready for whatever.”

Jason Riley is a veteran of over a dozen pro MMA bouts including Strikeforce and this is what he has to say "I would like to take the time to thank Geoff Campbell on the training he provided while preparing for my last fight.  I took a year off from the cage and with the help of Geoff I was able to get in the best shape I've been in since I started training."

"I truly believe meeting Geoff Campbell is,and continues to be a blessing, and the single most important element to achieving my specific health goals.  Geoff is the definition of professionalism. I tell my friends 'he is a scientist of the body...nothing he asks you to do or perform is my accident, or without merit.' He will push you to the limit, but not past it. This is a delicate art that very few trainers that I have come across have mastered, and Geoff has. His patience, understanding, and dedication to his craft are second to none." - Casey W.  (personal training client)

Geoff Campbell is undoubtedly the best trainer I have worked with.  Despite his years of experience in the fitness industry, he has a way of coming across completely approachable, humble, knowledgeable and motivating to class participants without making anyone feel inadequate of their capabilities.  I would endorse Geoff Campbell and any program, product or service he's involved with.  He is genuinely passionate about each individual he works with, and his style allows for realistic and amazing results.  I always feel accomplished after each session - Melissa A (member of MMA Fitness)

"Geoff is hands down the best personal trainer I have ever worked out with.  He is knowledgeable and passionate about fitness and gets results.  I toned up and went from a size 8 to a 6." - Jen P (member of MMA Fitness)

“I was struggling to lose weight when I started training with Geoff. His expertise in nutrition and strength training has been the key to my success with my new healthy lifestyle! I am excited to see where his training takes me! I am a stronger person....THANKS GEOFF!!!!” - Dawn D.

"I was a personal training client of Geoff's for 3 years, and his unique combination of cardio and strength training brought about the results I was looking for, and fast. Geoff creates individual workout plans for each of his clients based on their needs and fitness level, and I never had the same workout twice. His preparation, commitment to excellence and enthusiasm are contagious - he's a winner!" - Debbie P.

‎”59 pounds is all due to Mr Geoff Campbell. Insanity, rush fit, p90x what's that? I got 2 words for you, Geoff Campbell!!! You wanna lose weight like me, u just wanna get in shape tone up Geoff Campbell and buckeye MMA is where u need to be. I started 14 weeks ago at 243 this morning I was 184.2."  Thanks Geoff." - Brian S.

"I was looking to add something to my workout routine and Geoff's boot camp was the perfect fit. It helped to increase my endurance and strength and I saw more muscle definition after just a few classes. Geoff is a great motivator and always encourages so you get the most out of your workout." –Amanda P .

“I reached out to Geoff in the winter of 2016. I needed to jump start my mountain bike training for the Mohican 100K in June. My previous time in 2015 was 10 hours and 30 minutes. I started small group workout sessions to build my endurance up in the winter when I was unable to train on the bike. The sessions were intense and tough, nonstop with little rest between exercises, just what I needed. I couldn't believe how much stronger I was the first time on the bike. I competed in the Mohican 100K and crossed the finish line at 8 hrs and 57 min and still felt strong.  No doubt the early base I built working with Geoff was just the jump start I needed!” -Terry H is an over 50 athlete

Ben H. (pictured above) writes, "Geoff's workouts are meticulously designed to achieve the highest athletic performance gains. Then you add in working with SparBuddy and you feel that you have been part of a science experiment designed to kick your butt! Plus SparBuddy gives immediate feedback on the quality of your punches and forces you to focus on form. I strongly recommend training with Geoff especially if you are serious about meeting your fitness goals!"

 "Fitness has been a huge part of my life for the past seven years. I have worked with many instructors/trainers and out of all of them, Geoff Campbell is by far the best I have had the privilege of working with. He carefully plans each training session to help me achieve my goals. He takes the time to explain form and technique so that he can push me to my threshold in a smart and safe way. I truly respect Geoff as a person and am thankful I get to work with him each week." -Renee S.

"Geoff delivers! It's that simple. I've had trainers for over 25 years and none have compared to Geoff. I love his motto "Work Smarter Not Harder."  I actually looked forward to exercising instead of dreading it especially because I knew I would achieve my goals with Geoff. He introduced me to the 24 Day Challenge since my diet wasn't working like it had in the past. I didn't hesitate trying the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge because I trust Geoff and the integrity he possesses. The program was easy to follow and I lost 15 pounds!  The weight stays off and I not only lost weight but I experienced dramatic changes in my skin and new energy level I now have was an added bonus!" -Amy C.

I have worked out on and off thoughout most of my adult life, but it was not until I started working in a small strength group with Geoff that I really broke though my plateau! Geoff build a customized workout and strength plan that not only made me stronger, fitter and leaner - it also made the pain from poor form and incorrect workouts GO AWAY!! His extreme knowledge of the body, technique, and training helped me get in to the best shape of my life. He is the absolute best!!" Maryn W.